Fall 2022

CAHRS RAs Mia Michaelides, Skylar Hill and Naomi Samuel

CAHRS Welcomes New Research Assistants

CAHRS RAs Will Interview CAHRS Members Starting in the Spring Semester

Holly Harmon, Farshad Firouzian, Kate Grumbles

MILRs Take Wins in Competition

MILRs Among Winners in Future of HR Event

Zhi Zhong Eugene Tan, Yen-Ting Yu, Viet Phan, Quynh Nguyen, and Jenna Gimbar

Building Case for Gender Balance and Talent Retention

MILRs Place Second in Case Competition

The ILR School Welcomes two Assistant Professors

New Faculty Additions Bring Expertise in Culture, Human Capital and More

CAHRS Partner Company Works with Mentors for Middle Schoolers

Bristol Myers Squibb Launched Dropping Knowledge via National Care and HBCU Rising Mentors Program

High Honor Bestowed Upon CAHRS Partner Member

Microsoft People Officer Inducted into National Academy of Human Resources

CAHRS Academic Director Writes about Leading Virtually

New Research Explores Roles of Firms to Support Virtual Work and Workers