ILR School Research Suggests Positive Bias can be Corrected

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Cornell Chronicle's  "Recipients can Recognize – and Correct – Positive Bias" highlights Cornell ILR School research that suggests that the beneficiaries of “positive bias” due to racial profiling and other types of favoritism are more likely to recognize it and take corrective action if their attention is drawn to the victims of that bias, new Cornell research has found.

Emily Zitek, associate professor in the ILR School and the first author of  "Recognizing and Correcting Positive Bias - the Salient Victim Effect", says “it’s not like they don’t care. People do care about others. But our natural reaction is to justify that we deserved a job promotion or other benefit. We accept positive events and don’t ruminate about them like we do negative events. But we should try to remember that there could be potential victims. When we receive a benefit, there might be other people who deserve it instead. We should try to think about whether these undeserving victims may exist.”