Strategic Workforce Planning: Tips, Tools, and Technologies VIRTUAL Working Group | November 8, 2023

Wednesday | November 08, 2023

Strategic Workforce Planning Photo

Strategic Workforce Planning: Tips, Tools, and Technologies VIRTUAL Working Group
November 8, 2023 | 12:00-1:30pm (ET)

Although the concept of workforce planning is straightforward, its execution is anything but. In this working group, we’ll discuss practical tips for building, monitoring, and adjusting talent plans. We’ll talk about the types of data, metrics, and analytics that are most helpful to talent planning and address tools and technologies that provide relevant workforce insights.

In particular, we’ll share ideas and effective practices regarding the following questions:

  • How is your company approaching strategic workforce planning? Where have you found success? What challenges do you face and how are you addressing them?
  • What data, metrics, and analytics are most critical to your workforce planning efforts?
  • Are there systems, tools, or other technologies that you have found particularly helpful in this area? What parts of the process are more automated vs. manual?
  • What is the right time horizon for workforce planning? How do you balance strategic/long-term plans with more short-term/tactical planning?
  • How do you partner with the business to identify future demand for products/services to help you identify talent needs? What are the challenges and how are you addressing them?
  • What are the outcomes of workforce planning? How is the information used to inform decision making? What works well and what could be better?

Cornell Discussion Leader:
John Hausknecht - Professor, Human Resource Studies, ILR School, Cornell University

About our working groups
Our virtual working groups emphasize active, group discussion and best practice sharing, and therefore are kept relatively small (15-25 participants) to allow for broad participation.  Given the limited size of each session, we ask that you only register for a session if you will be able to attend. Prior to the session, attendees should give some thought to the questions included in the description, so they are prepared to share with the group.  We also strongly prefer that participants be on camera during the session to allow for more engaging interaction.