Succession Planning: Trends and Best Practices VIRTUAL Working Group | November 1, 2023

Wednesday | November 01, 2023

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Succession Planning: Trends and Best Practices
Wednesday, November 1, 2023 | 1:30-3:00pm (ET)

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Succession planning and leadership development took a backseat during the pandemic and now many companies are playing catch up. As these efforts ramp up, there is a growing realization that past succession planning practices need to evolve to align with the current reality of more rapid economic cycles, increased employee mobility, and evolving leadership roles and skill sets, among other trends.

In this working group, CAHRS Academic Director and William J. Conaty Professor Brad Bell will lead a discussion focused on examining trends in the area of succession planning and sharing best practices across companies. This session is appropriate for individuals working in both HR business partner and COE roles that have responsibility for aspects of their organization’s succession planning and/or leadership development efforts.

Below is a list of some of the topics that will be covered during the session, although time will be set aside to discuss other issues raised by attendees:

•    What tools and metrics are companies using to assess potential, identify retention risks, and determine talent gaps?
•    How are companies evolving their leadership models to address the current and future needs of the business?
•    What tensions surround succession planning in the current environment (e.g., short-term vs. long-term results, internal vs. external hiring) and how are companies managing them?
•    What tools, programs, and experiences are companies using to develop the capabilities necessary for future roles?
•    What other challenges and opportunities related to succession planning do you see on the horizon?

Our virtual working groups are kept small (15-25 participants) to allow for rich discussion and best practice sharing.  Given the limited size of each session, we ask that you only register for a session if you will be able to attend for the duration.  Prior to the session, attendees should give some thought to the questions above, so they are prepared to share with the group.  We also strongly prefer that participants be on camera during the session to allow for more engaging interaction.