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CAHRS is the Cornell Connection for HR Executives, Faculty and Students

CONNECT… with key HR executives from more than 55 leading-edge global companies for HR, and interact with the world-class faculty members and students who comprise Cornell's acclaimed under graduate and masters HR programs.

EDUCATE… your teams by sharing knowledge with CAHRS partners at a multitude of major events in both the United States (U.S.) and non-U.S. locations. HR professionals at various levels exchange best practices as well as new strategies and programs with thought-leaders from Cornell.

ACHIEVE… by participating in a host of ongoing research projects ranging from surveys of emerging events to in-depth studies of future-oriented issues - all in the interest of advancing and enhancing the practice of HR in today's organizations.

The Cornell Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies(CAHRS) is the world's leading between industry and academia, devoted to global human resource management. The CAHRS partnership connects leading companies to:

Cornell University,

the ILR School,

and leading faculty, students and intellectual leaders throughout the world.

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  • Every fall, CAHRS hosts a partner meeting, where members share lessons learned and current challenges surrounding a specific topic, as described here