See What ILR School Professor had to say at Inclusion and Unconscious Bias Workshop

diversity leadership

DVIDS "Every Voice Matters,’ during Diversity Leadership Conference" included an Inclusion and Unconscious Bias Workshop led by Dr. Lisa Nishii, Cornell University's ILR School associate professor and vice provost for undergraduate education in the Human Resource Studies.

The United States Military Academy hosted the 19th annual Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Conference from Aug. 31-Sept. 2. More than 200 registered guests attended the multi-day conference, where the theme was “Every Voice Matters.”

One goal of this conference was to “encourage our leaders to be more inclusive by demonstrating that inclusive leadership builds better teams and improves readiness,” according to Lisa Benitez, chief diversity officer in the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity. “Teams work harder because each individual team member knows that their opinions are valued — their voices are heard. Collaborative and inclusive teams are successful because they leverage their collective knowledge, skills and experiences to solve problems and accomplish their mission(s).”

Nishii delivered engaging lectures and facilitated thought-provoking dialogue among the small groups. When asked what she felt was most important to remember during her presentation, she said, “We all have bias, but we can change.”

“Dr. Nishii’s presentation was eye-opening and allowed me to reflect on my leadership style,” said Cadet Second Class Kyra Holmstrup of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. “Her talk helped me realize some of my own personal bias, and that I can improve on my active listening skills. I plan to take these lessons and use them to refine my leadership style.”