CAHRS Partner Member Reflects on the Influence of Technology on HR Leaders

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Human Resource Executive's Intel’s Chief People Officer on why HR Leaders Must Master Technology

One year ago this week, CAHRS member and Cornell ILR alumnus Christy Pambianchi started as vice president and chief people officer of Intel Corp. As the top HR executive of the famed manufacturer of microprocessors that power everything from computers and workstations to mobile devices, Pambianchi’s mission upon arrival was three-fold: navigate the global company through the COVID-19 pandemic, drive people innovation for two new large-scale facilities, and deliver policies and protocols for the changing modern workforce. A veteran of CAHRS partner companies Verizon, Corning and PepsiCo, Pambianchi now oversees 121,000 employees and their needs for hybrid work models and new skills.

Pambianchi spoke with HRE one week before the HR Technology Conference about her thoughts on how tech has transformed the role of HR leaders in general and chief people officers in particular. At the HR Tech Conference, Pambianchi will speak on the closing keynote panel, “Meet the CHRO of the Future … a Technology Expert.”