ILR HR Studies Professor Suggests Tools to Help win the new war for Talent

employees sitting at desk with laptops

Cornell Chronicle's "New York at Work Report Explores Opportunities, Challenges"

New kinds of job opportunities abound in the cannabis and clean energy industries, and justice-involved people, people with disabilities and others can benefit from improved wages and training, according to the ILR School’s New York at Work report, published Aug. 30.

The report is part of a growing body of work by ILR experts on state and national workplace issues, many of them intensified by the pandemic.

Christopher Collins, associate professor of human resource studies and director of graduate studies, and expert on strategic human resource management, said the current workplace landscape has hastened some shifts that predate the COVID-19 crisis.

“Well before the start of the pandemic, companies began to see a steady increase in turnover and changes in workers’ expectations and loyalty, and this trend has strengthened in the past 18 months during the so-called ‘Great Resignation,’” he said.

“In order to attract and retain key talent, organizations and HR leaders have been rethinking the nature of work, how to enhance the overall employee experience, and additional changes that make their places of work more attractive. In particular, design thinking, employer brands, new technologies and organizational culture changes have become increasingly important tools and strategies that HR leaders can draw on to win the new war for talent.”