CAHRS Director Reflects on the Changing Nature of the Workforce

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Yahoo!news talked with CAHRS Director and William J. Conaty Professor Brad Bell regarding the changing nature of the workforce in "With Flexible Policy, Salesforce says 9-5 Workday is 'dead'."

Most employees at Salesforce will be able to work remotely indefinitely under a new policy unveiled by the cloud computing giant, which says the 9-to-5 workday is "dead."

Salesforce's new policy released Tuesday gives wide flexibility to employees and follows the lead of other technology firms adapting workplace rules for the post-pandemic period.
Bell said the Salesforce move could be a harbinger of workplace trends.

"Many companies are considering a more balanced mix of hub, home, and hybrid work arrangements in the future," said Bell.

"As companies expand their menu of work arrangements, they will need to address several important questions. Are employees able to choose their work arrangement or are they determined by the company? How do the type of work, employee preferences, and business needs factor into decisions about who is a good fit for a particular work arrangement?"