CAHRS Top 10 May 2019

1. CAHRS: Give Them Some Slack - They're Trying to Change! The Benefits of Excess Cash, Excess Employees, and Increased Human Capital in the Context of Strategic Change ResearchLink
Summary: Staffing is a pervasive issue that constantly vexes even the most experienced HR professionals. This ResearchLink examines factors that might affect a firm’s performance, such as HR slack and financial slack, to examine when slack is helpful and when it is not. Although the answer depends on what strategies a firm is pursuing, this ResearchLink poses numerous considerations for strategic organizations to consider.

2. Hire Quickly and Compliantly Worldwide
Summary: This article highlights the benefits of companies using a global employee of record (EOR) to hire workers in a foreign land. For an expanding company, a global EOR will ease their burden as they take care of the hiring, recruiting, and overall work to make sure that the company cultures matches well with the local cultural to provide a smooth transition.
3. MarketWatch: Judge Rules That Companies Must Hand Over Data on Gender and Pay by September
Summary: In order to address the issue of gender pay disparity, a federal judge has granted EEOC the right to request and collect worker salary information. With this information in hand, the EEOC hopes to keep companies more accountable to their employees while also reducing waging discrimination in the process.  

For further reading on this topic, take a look at the CAHRS Pay Equity working group notes from Spring 2018.

4. Quartz: Where do You Start When a Team is Broken?
Summary: Every once in a while, a manager has to confront a team that is not living up to their potential and decide on how best to right the ship. This article highlights some in depth ways a manager can properly diagnose the situation and move forward with a road map for improvements.  
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5. HR Dive: From Buzzkill to Benefit: How IBM Rebranded its HR Department
Summary: The articles highlights how one of our very own CAHRS partners strategically redefined their HR department to better match the needs of the company and the desires of the employees. By looking at employees as clients, IBM was better able to innovate their services for this crucial component of their business.

6. CAHRS: HR and the Implementation of High Performance Work Practices: Tactics That Work ResearchBrief
Summary: This CAHRS ResearchBrief highlights the importance of HR when implementing High Performance Work Practices (HPWPs). Research has shown that organizations most frequently and successfully implement these practices when HR has a strong influence in strategic decision making.

7. Forbes: Passing The Torch: Your Guide to Succession Planning and Development
Summary: As senior leaders and executives in HR progress through their careers, succession planning is often at the forefront of conversations. This article proposes numerous steps to make sure that succession planning within an organization is a thoughtful, deliberate process that ensures the future success of an organization.

8. Bloomberg: Automation Could Wipe Out Almost Half of All Jobs in 20 Years
Summary: The threats and opportunities that the rapid onset of automation brings have been at the forefront of a plethora of business conversations. However, as many attempt to understand the implications of automation, the consequences are becoming increasingly clear. In fact, over 14% of jobs could disappear in the next 20 years. This article by CAHRS partner company Bloomberg highlights other key trends surrounding automation and the future of work.

Would you prefer to listen to information on this topic? Watch/listen to ILR HR Studies Professor and HP CHRO discuss AI and other hot HR topics in the webcast "Megatrends That Are Affecting the HR Function."

9. CAHRS: HR’s Role in the Rise of Agile Organizations Working Group Summary
Summary: This recent CAHRS Working Group discussed the rise in the agile approach (both the mindset and methodology) that larger companies are adopting as a way to compete with smaller, faster competitors. After spending time defining agility, the group worked through the three necessary characteristics required for agile to thrive in an organization. This summary will help organizations figure out which parts of their business may be best suited for an agile mindset and/or methodology.

10. Harvard Business Review: Cross-Silo Leadership
Summary: In today’s competitive landscape, it’s more important than ever for organizations to make cross-functional collaboration possible. But this can be a difficult task to undertake, especially if it requires an organizational restructuring. This article suggests alternatives to restructuring that still result in more cross-silo relationships, such as hiring for empathy and curiosity, and developing “cultural brokers” who can act as bridges between groups.

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