ILR Professor Examines Keys to Top HR Leadership Success

Chris Collins, Associate Professor of Human Resource Studies and Director of the Executive Master of Human Resource Management, investigated keys to top HR leadership success in the ResearchLink "A Look at the Effects of CEO Tenure and Style on the Bottom Line."

For decades, human resource strategists have relied on HR theorists and researchers to generate insights to help them hone their craft. For much of this time the focus has been on defining and refining an HR strategy – a bundle of integrated HR activities – that would help firms attain their business goals.

Firms with transformational leaders were able to tailor their high commitment human resource (HCHR) practices in ways that developed the essential employee-based resources that, in turn, led to greater growth in the marketplace. Those that didn’t do this, however, relied on more generic – or at least less firm-specific – HCHR practices that failed to deliver the employee-based resources required to compete effectively and grow.

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