CAHRS Top 10 January 2019

1. CAHRS Working Group: Managing Executive Compensation
Summary: A recent CAHRS working group addressed the intricate issues that come with managing executive compensation. Among the topics discussed were pay equity, how to work with and manage proxy advisors, and how to balance all of the various interests in the process.

2. Plansponsor: Wellness Programs That Combine Health and Finance Seen as Essential
Summary:  This article highlights survey results from 252 employers in 56 countries covering 5.22 million employees. With the intention of finding out the role of benefits effect on the business, these results highlight the need for companies to ensure their workers are not only physically fit, but financially fit as well.

Watch CAHRS leaders discussing this topic in the webcast "Barriers to Health and Wellness Programs."

Summary: An inside look on how proposed plans to revoke work authorization for H-4 visa holders could result in thousands of immigrants across the country losing their ability to work.

4. CAHRS Webcast: Social Movements and HR: The Impact of #MeToo
Summary: Having interviewed 30+ CAHRS companies, CAHRS Research Assistants discuss how corporate culture, HR policy, and leadership have reacted to the #MeToo movement., providing recommendations for sexual assault and harassment policies.

5. HR Dive: Is Your Recruitment Process Sending the Right Culture Message?
Summary: With many quality employees leaving organizations due to a lack of a cultural fit, this article highlights ways companies can get the word out of their culture through all stages of the job hunting process.

For a specific look at Foundations of Early Career Talent Strategy, take a look at this three minute clip, where CAHRS director shares the various strategies related to this topic.

6. Learning Hub: Five Major Human Resource Innovations in 2019
Summary: This article predicts five major trends that HR teams across the world will face in the New Year. Managing unconscious bias, streamlining operations with Artificial Intelligence, and expanding the concept of employee wellness all fall in the top five, but read on for the full list.

7. CAHRS Webcast: Megatrends That are Impacting the HR Function
Summary: In this CAHRS webcast, Cornell associate professor Chris Collins and Tracy Keogh, CHRO of HP Inc. explore recent trends that have the potential to impact the future of work. Discussion is held around 3D printing, automation, changing workforce demographics, and how consumer trends impact human resources.

8. Forbes: Adopt These Four Trends in Corporate Wellness to Gain a Competitive Edge In 2019
Summary: Though corporate wellness programs have historically been thought of non-essential or a frill, their importance and attracting and retaining employees is undeniable. This article illustrates several current corporate wellness trends that may help organizations cope with a competitive labor market.

9. HBR: The Pros and Cons of Perfectionism, According to Research
Summary: No matter how unrealistic it is to achieve, employers and employees are often on the hunt to be perfect. This article discusses the benefits and downsides of perfectionism, while outlining how to harness the benefits of a perfectionist mindset.

10. The New York Times: New Office Hours Aim for Well Rested, More Productive Workers
Summary: This article highlights numerous cases of employers shifting to work hours that maximize employee productivity and engagement. By aligning when employees are most awake to their working hours, both employees and employers reap the benefits

This CAHRS ResearchLink "Don’t Abandon the Water Cooler Yet" also explores ramifications of non-traditional working arrangements.

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