CAHRS Partner Member Named HR Executive of the Year

Human Resource Executive's October 16, 2018 issue features CAHRS partner Diane Gherson, IBM's CHRO and HR Executive of the Year in "Transforming Big Blue." Since the Ottawa, Canada, native took the reins of IBM’s HR department five years ago, the function has become a veritable hotbed of innovation. Gherson has encouraged HR staffers to take their ideas to the next level, and the results have been tools like CogniPay, which uses artificial intelligence to help managers make and Blue Matching, which connects IBMers whose jobs were eliminated, or who want to change careers, with other opportunities at the company.

Gherson has also played a crucial role in helping IBM position itself for success in areas like AI, blockchain and the cloud, as the changing landscape of business software has forced the company to start pivoting from its traditional model. She’s led a dramatic restructuring of processes such as performance management and learning to help IBM become more nimble and forward-thinking while helping employees master new and better ways of working.

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