Assistant Professor Talks About the Value of Talent Pipelines

JR Keller, Assistant Professor Human Resource Studies in the ILR School at Cornell University, speaks with ABC Australia Radio about the value in having a talent pipeline in place in "How to Get the Best Outcome When Hiring Internally."

A big reason for overlooking a talent pipeline or a talent pool, explains Keller, is that over the last 20 or 25 years companies see employees moving across firms. Having seen so much external mobility, they've planned for people to leave, and so they've planned to hire externally.

Because of this external mobility, explains Keller, a good part of the research attention and resources fall under finding external candidates. "And it turns out that the current employees within the organization become an overlooked talent pool," he adds.

"There's been a real desire for innovation and there's a thought that bringing people in from outside, they're bringing in new perspectives, new experiences, new customs and cultures of previous employers, and so external hires can be a really nice way to infuse an organization with talent," explains Keller. "On the other hand, organizations often overlook all the challenges that come with integrating new hires."  

Listen to the full interview.  

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