CAHRS Director Shares Ways to Reduce Turnover

ILR's Associate Professor of Human Resource Studies and Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies Director shares tips for new hires in Udemy for Business' "Onboarding Done Right: Focus on the Employee, Not the Company."

Collins explains how to reduce turnover through social embeddedness. He argues that onboarding is an opportunity to help new hires develop social connections, but there are two parts to the social connection formula. Employees who have strong social networks both internally to their company and in their local community have very low desire or willingness to leave. The first part is to help new hires connect socially to their coworkers. People Teams can help new hires develop social ties by hosting happy hours and developing buddy programs.

The second and equally important part of the formula involves helping new hires and their families develop strong social ties to their local community, especially for new hires relocating for their role. Organized activities during the onboarding experience to help new hires connect with their local community could be volunteering with local nonprofits or fun activities like local restaurant tours. Assigning a buddy who lives in the same neighborhood could also help in the localization process.


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