Ten CAHRS Partners Listed in 2017 Best Companies for Multicultural Women

Working Mother has just released their 2017 Best Companies for Multicultural Women.

Following are 10 of the named companies that are also members of the Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies:

American Express,
General Mills,
JPMorgan Chase,
Procter & Gamble.
Prudential, and

Over the last 15 years, the list has grown from three qualifying companies to 25. CAHRS partner companies IBM and American Express have earned a spot on the list every year.

The three things that all the CEOs of the Best Companies do to make sure multicultural and women of color are succeeding. They get involved and make diversity a visible priority:

  •     They all provide an annual update on diversity to the board of directors;
  •     They all require a dedicated diversity executive to update them on diversity metrics;
  •     They all meet regularly with a diversity executive to review goals and performance;

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