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Learning and Development Working Group | Hosted by CDW | Chicago, IL *Wait List Started*

Friday | April 25, 2014

LOCATION:  CDW | 120 South Riverside Plaza | Chicago, IL 60606 

Download the Learning and Development Working Group Summary.

This session is free of charge to CAHRS partner firms, but participation is limited to no more than twenty-five attendees per session. The working group will run from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM with a continental breakfast and working lunch.

The past few years have witnessed a number of exciting trends in learning and development.  Although the global financial crisis forced budgets lower in 2008 and 2009, investments in learning have grown every year since.  Learning is increasingly viewed as a top organizational priority and as a key source of competitive advantage.  And companies continue to invest in learning technologies as a means of advancing both efficiency and effectiveness.  Yet, these advances have also created a new set of challenges and demands.  As investments grow, learning professionals are being pushed to bridge the gap between learning and performance and to prove that these investments are delivering results.  There is also pressure to ensure that the learning strategy aligns with corporate priorities and there is an ongoing search for the ideal blend of different learning options (e.g., traditional, technology, community).   

In this inaugural CAHRS Learning & Development Working Group, we will discuss the critical challenges and opportunities that currently exist within learning and development and identify best practices that companies are adopting to advance their capabilities in this area.  A few of the issues we will explore include:

•    Aligning learning strategy with corporate priorities
•    Addressing critical workforce skill gaps
•    Supporting leadership development and manager excellence
•    Delivering learning to an increasingly diverse and global workforce
•    Identifying the ideal blend of different learning options
•    Incorporating and managing social learning as part of the learning strategy
•    Bridging the gap between learning and performance and increasing learning retention
•    Measuring impact and providing evidence to justify investments in learning
•    Centralizing and integrating LMS and ERP data

In preparation for the meeting, please spend some time reflecting on your own personal experiences in the above areas. During the meeting, we’ll spend time talking about each of the areas as well as others that are identified through the course of our conversations together.

If there are other specific issues you would like to discuss, please send them prior to the session to Brad Bell or Jo Hagin.  We look forward to seeing you in Chicago on April 25th.      

Cornell Discussion Leader:
Brad Bell is Professor of Human Resource Studies and Director of Executive Education at the Cornell ILR School.

Hotel Recommendations:
LaQuinta Inn & Suites Chicago Downtown - 1 S Franklin Street, Chicago, IL, 60606 • T: (312) 558-1020
W Chicago City Center - 172 W Adams St, Chicago, IL 60606 • T: (312) 332-1200
Hampton Inn Majestic Chicago Theatre District - 22 W Monroe St, Chicago, IL 60603 • T: (312) 332-5052

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