Post-Pandemic Work and Workplace Virtual Working Group Series: Session 2 - Supporting Employees Through the Post-Pandemic Transition | March 25, 2021 | WAIT LIST STARTED

Thursday | March 25, 2021

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"Post-Pandemic Work and Workplace Virtual Working Group Series"
Session 2 - Supporting Employees Through the Post-Pandemic Transition
March 25, 2021 | 2:00-3:30pm (EST)  WAIT LIST STARTED        

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As we get closer to the resolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are focusing greater attention on preparing for the post-pandemic reality.  Indeed, a recent CAHRS survey revealed that post-pandemic work and workplace planning is a top priority item for HR leaders heading into 2021. This CAHRS Series of working groups is aimed at helping our partner companies think through the challenges and opportunities associated with the upcoming transition. Attendees to these sessions include individuals responsible for different aspects of their organization’s post-pandemic work and workplace planning.    

In this second working group in the series, Professor Chris Collins and CAHRS Academic Director and William J. Conaty Professor Brad Bell will lead a discussion about how companies are planning to support employees through the post-pandemic transition.  Some of the questions we may address include:

•    What are the key elements of your communication plan as you prepare employees for the post-pandemic transition?
•    How do you intend to approach employees who express a desire to continue working from home?
•    What support and services are you planning to offer employees to help them cope with stress and anxiety that may arise during the transition?

About our CAHRS Series of Working Groups
The CAHRS Series of working groups are designed to examine a particular theme or topic from a number of different perspectives. The other sessions included in the “Post-Pandemic Work and Workplace” working group series are listed below and can be found in the events section of the CAHRS website.  Individuals are encouraged to sign up for as many of the sessions in the series as match their interests and availability. 

•    Preparing for the Return to the Office | February 25, 2021,
•    Managing Hybrid Work Arrangements | April 21, 2021,
•    Resetting the Culture Post-Pandemic | May 18, 2021.

Our virtual working groups are kept small (15-20 participants) to allow for rich discussion and best practice sharing.  Given the limited size of each session, we ask that you only register for a session if you will be able to attend for the duration.  Prior to the session, attendees should give some thought to the questions included in the description, so they are prepared to share with the group.  We also strongly prefer that participants be on camera during the session to allow for more engaging interaction.  If for some reason after you sign up for the working group, something comes up last minute (especially while many of us are working from home), it would be great to get even a last minute e-mail advising us that you cannot attend as we sometimes have a waiting list.