CAHRScast - Diversity & Inclusion Analytics | February 18, 2021

Thursday | February 18, 2021

D&I Analytics Picture

CAHRScast 12:00-12:30pm (EST)

As companies aspire to create a diverse and inclusive workplace, many also seek to monitor their progress using data and analytics. However, this has proven challenging on a number of levels: What do we mean by diversity and inclusion? How can we practically measure D&I? What approaches to reporting are most effective? What’s new and different?

In this webcast, John Hausknecht, Professor of Human Resource Studies, and Tony Byers, Diversity & Inclusion Programs Director and Senior Extension Faculty, will share insights and best practices extracted from recent CAHRS work aimed at advancing the measurement of diversity and inclusion.  As with all of our webcasts, we will take time to address comments and questions submitted by attendees.