CAHRScast - Impact of the Changing Work Environment on HRBP Role | December 17, 2020

Thursday | December 17, 2020

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CAHRScast 12:00-12:30pm (EST)

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While COVID-19 regularly gets the lion’s share of attention, the pandemic has been one of many changes to the work environment for CAHRS companies this year.  Natural disasters, fake news, protests, and deeper societal divides have also affected our companies and employees.  This has required that HR also adjust its support and no where is this evolving more that the HR Business Partner role. 

CAHRS recently conducted a virtual working group to better understand how CAHRS partners are thinking about the HRBP role due to the changing work environment.  In this webcast moderated by William J. Conaty Professor and CAHRS Academic Director Brad Bell, CAHRS Executive Director Beth Flynn-Ferry will share key takeaways that may help CAHRS partner companies as they continue to shift the HRBP role.  As with all of our webcasts, we will take time to address questions and comments submitted by attendees.