Disruption and Its Implications for Talent Strategy Virtual Working Group | November 5, 2020

Thursday | November 05, 2020

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Disruption and Its Implications for Talent Strategy
Virtual Working Group
November 5 – 12:00-1:30pm (EST)

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A note on virtual working groups:  Sessions will be 90 minutes in length and are limited to 15 participants per session, allowing only one company member per topic.  If we have two sessions on the same topic the same applies, allowing only one company member for both sessions.  The limitation is to ensure that all participants have adequate time to share thoughts and ask questions.  The smaller number will simulate an actual working group and make it more conducive for participants to see and interact with one another.  In most cases, we will also do a CAHRScast on the same topic so all partners can benefit from the learning.)

Technological, demographic, and socioeconomic forces are disrupting business models and driving changes in the nature of work and organizations.  These changes have potentially important and widespread implications for talent, which is causing many organizations to take a step back and reexamine their talent management strategies and practices. COVID-19 has added another layer of disruption, leading companies to have to further reconcile talent strategies with the current and anticipated implications of the pandemic.

In this working group, William J. Conaty Professor and CAHRS Academic Director Brad Bell will examine how CAHRS companies are evolving their talent strategies in the near-term as well how they are thinking about the long-term.  Some of the questions that will guide our discussion include:              

  • How was your talent strategy evolving pre-COVID? What major shifts have you made to your talent strategy over the past few years to respond to technological, demographic, and/or socioeconomic trends?
  • How has COVID-19 impacted your talent strategy in the near-term? What do you expect to be the long-term implications?
  • How has the pandemic impacted your use of technology in areas such as talent acquisition and talent development? Where do you see adoption efforts as temporary vs. permanent?
  • Looking beyond the pandemic, what do you see as the looming challenges and opportunities facing the talent function? 

For security purposes, these Zoom working group sessions will be password protected and participation will be restricted to those participants who have been confirmed for a particular session.  Participation in these sessions is a great way to share and hear about key concerns, potential next steps and best practices, and to develop a network of HR leaders who are facing similar challenges for later one-on-one sharing and exchanges.