The HR Operating Model: COVID 19 Style Virtual Working Group | September 23, 2020

Wednesday | September 23, 2020

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The HR Operating Model:  COVID-19 Style
Virtual Working Group
September 23 - 2:00-3:30pm (EST)

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A note on virtual working groups:  Sessions will be 90 minutes in length and are limited to 15 participants per session, allowing only one company member per topic.  If we have two sessions on the same topic the same applies, allowing only one company member for both sessions.  The limitation is to ensure that all participants have adequate time to share thoughts and ask questions.  The smaller number will simulate an actual working group and make it more conducive for participants to see and interact with one another.  In most cases, we will also do a CAHRScast on the same topic so all partners can benefit from the learning.)   

The most prevalent HR operating model has been in place for many years, using the same framework of HR shared services, centers of excellence and strategic HR business partnering.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, companies’ approaches to their businesses and workforces has changed, necessitating HR to modify its approach and practices as well.  To help partner companies think through these challenges and to learn from one another, we will host several small, virtual CAHRS working group sessions on what is changing with the model, particularly as a result of the myriad  changes imposed by COVID-19.  Laura Cococcia, Head of HR Strategy & Program Management at GE, will share some early points of view on this and CAHRS Executive Director Beth Flynn-Ferry will facilitate this conversation on a range of questions including:

•    How has COVID-19 inspired you to think differently about your HR operating model?
•    What HR practices will transform because of these learnings?
•    What skills or capabilities are rising to the forefront as a result?

For security purposes, these Zoom working group sessions will be password protected and participation will be restricted to those participants who have been confirmed for a particular session.  Participation in these sessions is a great way to share and hear about key concerns, potential next steps and best practices, and to develop a network of HR leaders who are facing similar challenges for later one-on-one sharing and exchanges.