Diversity & Inclusion Analytics Virtual Working Group | September 29, 2020

Tuesday | September 29, 2020

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Diversity & Inclusion Analytics
Virtual Working Group
Setpember 29th 12:00-1:30pm (EST)

A note on virtual working groups:  Sessions will be 90 minutes in length and this working group will be limited to 15 participants, allowing only one company member per company for this working group. The limitation is to ensure that all participants have adequate time to share thoughts and ask questions.  The smaller number will simulate an actual working group and make it more conducive for participants to see and interact with one another.  In most cases, we will also do a CAHRScast on the same topic so all partners can benefit from the learning.)  

As companies aspire to create a diverse and inclusive workplace, many also seek to monitor their progress using data and analytics. However, this has proven challenging on a number of levels: What do we mean by diversity and inclusion? How can we practically measure D&I? What approaches to reporting are most effective? What’s new and different?

In this virtual working group, we’ll explore some of the current challenges and opportunities in using analytics for D&I. Among them: 

•    How are companies tracking and monitoring D&I?
•    What are some of the challenges and obstacles to being more data-driven with D&I?
•    How should we interpret D&I data and use it to develop action plans?
•    What legal considerations are relevant to leveraging D&I data?
•    How can we best manage D&I analytics in organizations that operate outside of the U.S.?
•    Are there new approaches to measuring D&I and its impact, both internally and externally?

In preparation for the meeting, please spend some time reflecting on your own personal experiences in the above areas. Also, if you have any success stories or examples from your organization, it would be great if you would be willing to share those with the rest of the participants. During the meeting, we’ll discuss each of the areas as well as others that are identified through the course of our conversations.

For security purposes, these Zoom working group sessions will be password protected and participation will be restricted to those participants who have been confirmed for a particular session.  Participation in these sessions is a great way to share and hear about key concerns, potential next steps and best practices, and to develop a network of HR leaders who are facing similar challenges for later one-on-one sharing and exchanges.

Cornell Discussion Leaders:
Tony Byers is Senior Extension Faculty at the Cornell ILR School.
John Hausknecht is Associate Professor of Human Resource Studies at the Cornell ILR School.