CAHRScast - Internships Upended by COVID-19 | May 19, 2020 | Ithaca, NY

Tuesday | May 19, 2020

Beth Flynn-Ferry Photo

CAHRScast 11:30-12:15pm (EST)

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Last fall it was business as usual when companies planned for summer 2020 interns.  Since then, the impact of COVID-19 has changed the way companies need to approach this once straight-forward process.  We conducted two CAHRS virtual working groups to better understand how CAHRS partners are adjusting their summer intern plans. In this webcast moderated by Professor and CAHRS Academic Director Brad Bell, CAHRS Executive Director Beth Flynn-Ferry will share key takeaways, best practices, and interesting ideas from these working groups that may help CAHRS partner companies as they work to design successful summer intern programs. 

During this 45 minute webcast, we will share key learnings and take questions from participants on topics ranging from:

1.    How companies have adjusted their intern programs due to the pandemic;
2.    How companies are restructuring assignments and measuring performance;
3.    Skilling up Intern Managers for success in a virtual environment;
4.    Building relationships and showcasing culture in a remote work situation; and
5.    Early thoughts on pay/offer decisions