CAHRScast - Looking Ahead: Bringing Employees Back to the Workplace | May 13, 2020 I Ithaca, NY

Wednesday | May 13, 2020

Chris Collins Photo

CAHRScast - 1:00-2:00pm (EST)

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Companies are increasingly starting to turn their attention to how to bring employees back to the office as state and local governments have begun to reduce stay in place orders and seek to reopen the economy.  We conducted three CAHRS virtual working groups to better understand the challenges of reopening offices and facilities and bringing back employees who have been working from home for the past 6-8 weeks.  In this webcast moderated by Professor and CAHRS Academic Director Brad Bell, and Chris Collins Professor, Human Resource Studies and Director of ILR Graduate Studies will share key takeaways, best practices, and interesting ideas from this series of working groups that may help CAHRS partner companies think through these challenges.

During this 60 minute webcast, we will share key learnings and take questions from participants on topics ranging from:

1.    Key questions to consider regarding bringing employees back to the office;
2.    Best practices for safely bringing employees back to the office;
3.    Key aspects of communication and culture change related to bringing some employees back to the office; and
4.    Interesting ideas for helping employees manage the stress, anxiety, and challenges of the current work environment and when bringing employees back to the office.