(SESSION IS FULL ) Internships Upended by COVID-19 Virtual Working Group | May 5, 2020

Tuesday | May 05, 2020

Internships Upended by COVID-19
Virtual Working Group

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May 5, 2020 - 10:00-11:30am CT

(We will be having another session on this topic as well, it will be on May 4th from 1:00-2:30pm CT.  Each of the sessions have their own registration page, so please just sign up for one by going to the CAHRS website)

Last fall it was business as usual when companies planned for summer 2020 interns.  Since then, the impact of coronavirus has changed the way companies need to approach this.  To help partner companies think through these challenges and to learn from one another, we will host several small, virtual CAHRS working group sessions on the topic of how companies are adjusting their summer intern plans.  CAHRS Executive Director Beth Flynn-Ferry will facilitate this conversation between a small number of participants in each session on a range of questions including:

•    What is the impact of the pandemic on your summer internship program?
•    What are the new challenges in bringing interns into the workplace?  
•    How are you planning to modify internship experiences this summer?
•    How will remote assignments be structured and supervised?
•    What options will you have for interns that are unable or have concerns about working this summer?
•    How are you building relationships between interns and other employees in a remote environment?
•    How are you planning to change pay or offer decisions this summer?

Sessions will be 90 minutes in length with no more than one participant per CAHRS Partner Company, for both sessions.  We will limit each session to no more than 10 participants in order to ensure that all participants have adequate time to share thoughts and ask questions.  In addition, the smaller number will make it easier to facilitate the session and create a virtual environment where it is more conducive for participants to see and interact with one another.  For security purposes, these Zoom working group sessions will be password protected and participation will be restricted to those participants who have been confirmed for a particular session. 

Participation in these sessions is a great way to share and hear about key concerns, potential next steps and best practices, and to develop a network of HR leaders who are facing similar challenges for later one-on-one sharing and exchanges.  Ideal candidates to participate in a session are HR leaders in your company who are responsible for internship programs.