The Employment Landscape: Contingent Workforce Virtual Working Group | October 7, 2020

Wednesday | October 07, 2020

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The Employment Landscape:  Contingent Workforce Virtual Working Group

1:00-2:30pm CST

Managing the workforce and workplace of the future will be increasingly challenging in a world that's being turned upside down by technology, globalization, demographics, and environmental challenges.  Projections suggest that work will continue to be more distributed, fast-changing, and team-based.  In addition, organization boundaries will blur with more work being completed by partners and contractors, while employees may be less actively engaged and committed to their current employers.  The changing nature of work has enormous implications for how we structure organizations, manage people, and design workplaces.  In this working group, we will explore how CAHRS partners companies see their world or work changing, identify underlying people and HR challenges, and discuss how companies are addressing these challenges.

Potential topics for discussion include:

•    The changing nature of how work will be completed including distributed work, the nature of organizational boundaries (e.g., use of partners and contractors to complete key work tasks), etc.;
•    HR practices (e.g., performance management, recruitment, training) in the world of distributed work and contingent workers;
•    Company practices in governance and transparency;
•    Integrating distributed workers into a global workforce plan, and;
•    Opportunities and challenges presented by a distributed workforce.

Sessions will be 90 minutes in length with no more than one participant per CAHRS partner company per session.  We will limit each session to no more than 15 participants in order to ensure that all participants have adequate time to share thoughts and ask questions.  In addition, the smaller number will make it easier to facilitate the session and create a virtual environment where it is easier for participants to see and interact with one another.  For security purposes, these Zoom working group sessions will be password protected and participation will be restricted to those participants who have been confirmed for a particular session.  Participation in these sessions is a great way to share and hear about key concerns, potential next steps and best practices, and to develop a network of HR leaders who are facing similar challenges for later one-on-one sharing and exchanges.

If there are other specific issues you would like to discuss, please send them prior to the session to Beth Flynn-Ferry ( or Jo Hagin ( 

Cornell Discussion Leader:
Beth Flynn-Ferry is Executive Director of Cornell Universitys Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies (CAHRS), ILR School, Cornell University