POSTPONED - We Can't Afford Not To: Evolving Our Future Workforce, Today Working Group | Hosted by Bloomberg | April 29, 2020 | New York, NY

Wednesday | April 29, 2020

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Location | Bloomberg | 731 Lexington Ave. | New York, NY  10022

As organizations seek to navigate an increasingly turbulentand unpredictable world, learning and development is becoming a top priority.  Twotopics in particular are taking center stage: leadership development and futureskilling. With respect to leadership development, companies need leaders thatcan build inclusive cultures that encourage and value the unique contributionsof all employees. To build such leadership capabilities companies will need to leverageexperiential learning as much as, or even more than, formal learning.  Similarly, a host of technological, economic,and sociodemographic factors are driving changes in the nature of work, whichmeans companies need to anticipate and proactively help employees developskills for the future.

In this CAHRS working group, we will discuss these and otherissues shaping the future of learning and development. The session will featureinsights drawn from CAHRS research, presentations from HR leaders withinBloomberg, as well plenty of opportunity for discussion and best practice sharingamong participants.  A few of the issueswe will explore include:?

·        Developing inclusive leadership: How arecompanies defining inclusion and developing leaders who can build inclusivecultures?

·        Experiential leadership development:  How are companies facilitating leadershipgrowth through different forms of experience, including stretch assignments,action learning projects, and embedded, on-the-job learning? Where/when hasexperiential leadership development worked well, and where has it not? What arethe opportunities to better utilize experiential leadership development?

 ·        Future skilling: What are the employeecapabilities that will be critical in the future? What do they look like indifferent parts of the business? What approaches are companies using to identifyand develop these capabilities?

 With that background, we are pleasedto invite you to participate in The Future of Learning and Development WorkingGroup.  Learning leaders as well as other individuals responsible forleadership development, diversity and inclusion, and workforce readiness withintheir firms are encouraged to attend to facilitate different perspectives on thefuture of learning and development.

In preparation for the meeting, please spend some time reflecting onyour own experiences in the above areas. Also,if you have any success stories or innovative initiatives from yourorganization, it would be great if you would be willing to share those with therest of the participants. During the meeting, we’ll spend time talkingabout each of the areas as well as others that are identified through thecourse of our conversations together.

The meeting agenda will allow forample time for interaction and networking something we consider critical to thegoal of our working groups. The sessions are free of charge to CAHRS partnerfirms.  To effectively create the right environment and to ensure free andopen discussion, we limit the size of the meeting to 25 participants. 

Cornell DiscussionLeader:
Brad Bell is Professor of Human Resource Studies and AcademicDirector of Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies at the ILR School atCornell University.

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