CAHRScast - CAHRS Research Showcase | June 9, 2020 | Ithaca, NY

Tuesday | June 09, 2020

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CAHRScast 12:00-12:45PM (EST)

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Overview of HR Process Study

In this special CAHRS webcast, faculty and PhD students will share several research projects they are currently working on.  Attendees will have an opportunity to learn about these projects, provide ideas and input, and partner on the research in the future if interested.

The first project is focused on the role of leaders outside of the HR function in implementing organizations’ HR practices in their teams and work groups.  Given that recent research highlights that this delegation can lead to significant variance in HR delivery within organizations, this project aims to understand how organizations can ensure effective HR delivery by all managers. 

The second project aims to better understand team agility.  Teams and their members increasingly face pressures to adapt to a variety of changes, including new technology implementations, work process changes, reengineering projects, and reorganizations.  This project aims to understand the preconditions of team agility (i.e., what are the important causes of team agility), measures of team agility (i.e., how to evaluate team performance in changing environments), and important mechanisms of team agility (i.e., what should be developed and encouraged to effectively navigate changes).