Preparing the Workforce of the Future Working Group | The Westin Bellevue | March 28, 2019 | Bellevue, WA

Thursday | March 28, 2019

LOCATION:  The Westin Bellevue  | 600 Bellevue Way, NE | Bellevue, WA  98004

A host of technological and sociodemographic shifts, including digitalization, automation, Big Data, and globalization, are shaping the future of work. Analyses conducted by the World Economic Forum, Accenture, and other organizations project that, as a result of these changes, certain work-related skills will be in greater demand in the years ahead, including systems skills, complex problem solving skills, social skills, and certain types of technical skills, while other skill sets will decrease in importance or become obsolete.  Companies today find themselves in a race against the clock to prepare the workforce of the future.

This CAHRS Showcase Event will explore the diverse and innovative approaches that companies are taking to help their employees develop skills for the future of work.  The event will begin with a networking lunch followed by short presentations from several leading companies and academics.  CAHRS faculty members will then moderate discussions with the broader group in order to delve deeper into specific practices and issues and to enable the group to share best practices, challenges, and novel ideas with one another.  The meeting agenda will allow for ample time for interaction and networkingsomething we consider critical to the goal of our meetings.

Ideal attendees would be HR leaders and managers who lead company initiatives on retraining the workforce or HR Leaders with talent management or employee learning responsibilities.  To ensure a rich discussion, the event will be limited to 30 total attendees. This working group will start with a networking working lunch at 12:30pm and run until 5:00pm. 

Cornell Discussion Leaders:
Brad Bell is Professor of Human Resource Studies and Director of CAHRS at the Cornell ILR School.
Chris Collins is Associate Professor of Human Resource Studies at the Cornell ILR School.