Talent Strategy: Disruption and its Implications for Talent Acquisition and Development Working Group | Hosted by Microsoft | March 26, 2019 | Sunnyvale, CA

Tuesday | March 26, 2019

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LOCATION:  Microsoft | 1020 Enterprise Way | Sunnyvale, CA

Technological, demographic, and socioeconomic forces are disrupting business models and driving changes in the nature of work and organizations.  These changes have potentially important and widespread implications for talent, which is causing many organizations to take a step back and reexamine their talent management strategies and practices. Some of the issues currently being explored include creating a more integrated talent management strategy, better aligning talent management with business strategy, leveraging emerging technologies in talent acquisition and development, and addressing current or anticipated gaps in the talent pipeline.

At this meeting we will discuss the topics below but also leave plenty of time for other topics to emerge over the course of the day:                 

  • What changes or disruptions do you anticipate over the next several years as a result of technological, demographic, and/or socioeconomic trends? What are the potential implications of these changes for your talent strategy and specific talent acquisition and development practices? How are you future-proofing you talent strategy and practices?
  • How do you tie your talent strategy to your business strategy? How do you make the connections visible to business leaders?
  • Do you have a regional, functional, or global model?  What do you see as the strengths and challenges of your current model? Do you have an integrated talent management approach that covers different types (e.g., technical, managerial) and levels (e.g., early career, senior) of talent? 
  • What technologies are you currently leveraging in your talent acquisition and development efforts?  What technologies are you exploring for potential future adoption?
  • What role does your talent function play in shaping culture?  What are some initiatives that you have undertaken to drive culture change?
  • What are the key analytics you use to monitor the impact of your talent efforts and inform your future talent strategy? 

With that background, we are pleased to invite your company to participate in this Talent Strategy working group hosted by Microsoft in Sunnyvale, CA.  Attendees should have responsibility for helping to define and/or direct their companys talent strategy. The best fit for the meeting would be members of the Talent COE or other members of the HR team who have been leading their organizations talent efforts. At this meeting, individuals responsible for both talent acquisition and talent development are welcome so as to facilitate different perspectives on addressing key talent challenges.

The meeting agenda will allow for ample time for interaction and networking something we consider critical to the goal of our working groups. The sessions are free of charge to CAHRS partner firms.  To effectively create the right environment and to ensure free and open discussion, we limit the size of the meeting to 25 participants. 

Cornell Discussion Leader:
Brad Bell is Professor of Human Resource Studies and Director of CAHRS at the ILR School, Cornell University

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