Creating and Maintaining Employee Engagement in Health and Wellness Programs Working Group | Hosted by the ILR School, NYC | March 14, 2019 | New York, NY

Thursday | March 14, 2019

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LOCATION:  ILR School Conference Center - NYC | 570 Lexington Ave. | New York, NY  10016

HR leaders are increasingly interested in the topic of employee health and wellness in light of concerns regarding health care legislation, cost of health care, employee productivity, and employee engagement. In response, many organizations have implemented or are thinking about implementing new programs, policies and activities focused on the health and well-being of employees. While frontline employees in manufacturing and call center settings were once the main focus of these initiatives, there is increasing evidence that knowledge workers may experience similar if not greater health and wellness risks based on the work setting, stress, and eating habits endemic this population of employees

In this working group, we will discuss and exchange best practices around the topic of how to best engage the right employees in the right wellness programs and how to sustain their participation over time.  As we have learned in prior meetings, many of the employees who are most likely to engage in wellness programs are those who are already healthy or strongly interested in maintaining their health and wellness.  Additionally, participants in prior meetings have often noted that while incentives or competitions can increase the number of employees participating in programs, employees who could most benefit from programs are less likely to stick with the program or engage in the first place. 

A number of key topics that we will discuss, include (1) analyzing the array of health and wellness programs that companies are currently utilizing; (2) exchanging ideas and successful practices for engaging a broader array of employees in health and wellness programs; (3) identifying and discussing new health and wellness initiatives that have shown promise for engaging employees; (4) exploring how companies are addressing individual/personal barriers that prevent employees from initially participating and/or sticking with initiatives and programs once started; and (5) how to increase employee awareness of programs and increase the match of the right programs to the right health and wellness concerns of individual employees. 

With that background, we are pleased to invite you to participate in this working group on the role of HR in supporting employee health and wellness. This working group will be an open-ended discussion session and we will spend time talking about each of the areas as well as others that are identified through the course of our conversations together. We will maintain a flexible schedule to allow for ample interaction and networking - something we consider critical to the goal of our working groups.

This interactive working group session is free of charge to CAHRS partner firms, but participation is limited to no more than twenty-five attendees per session. The working group will run from 8:30 am - 3:00 pm with a working lunch.

Cornell Discussion Leaders:
Brad Bell is Professor of Human Resource Studies and Director of CAHRS at the Cornell ILR School.
Chris Collins is Associate Professor of Human Resource Studies at the Cornell ILR School.

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