Social Movements and HR: The Impact of #MeToo Webcast | December 5, 2018 | Ithaca, NY

Wednesday | December 05, 2018

woman holding #metoo sign

The #MeToo movement has sparked an increased societal focus on sexual harassment and assault, and has been described as the most powerful force for a fairer settlement between men and women since womens suffrage by The Economist. In the U.S., scores of high-profile individuals working in media, entertainment, sports, hospitality, and politics have been highlighted in national news cycles for being accused and/or convicted of sexual harassment and assault. However, there is little known about the interplay of the #MeToo movement and its impact on corporate culture and policy.

Having interviewed 30+ CAHRS companies, CAHRS Research Assistants Amanda Cucchiara and David Boyle discuss how corporate culture, HR policy, and leadership have reacted to the #MeToo movement. Amanda and David will provide recommendations for sexual assault and harassment policies, formal education and training, as well as a best-practice framework for HR teams to use when revising sexual harassment and assault policies.

Beth Flynn-Ferry, Executive Director of CAHRS, will serve as moderator for this webcast.  As with all of our webcasts, the CAHRS RAs will take time to address questions and comments submitted by participants.