Early Career Development Webcast | September 12, 2018 | Ithaca, NY

Wednesday | September 12, 2018

Brad Bell, Professor of HR Studies and Faculty Director of CAHRS


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Recent data suggests that companies face a host of challenges in preparing key talent for future roles.  One recent study, for example, found that nearly 40 percent of high potential internal job moves end in failure.  Another study found that a similar percentage of high potentials feel as though they need to leave their organization to advance their career. As companies seek to address these challenges, one area of opportunity is to focus more attention on the development of early-stage talent (i.e., new managers and individual contributors at the beginning stages of their careers). Early intervention may increase the success rate of internal transitions, aid retention through enhanced career planning, and build a more robust talent pipeline.

In this webcast, Professor Brad Bell will discuss insights gleaned from a recent CAHRS Working Group on Early Career Development. He will share the results of a survey that participating companies completed about their current early career development practices as well as discuss some of the challenges and opportunities that companies see in this area.