Emerging Technologies and the Future of Work | Hosted by Shell | October 26, 2018 | London, UK

Friday | October 26, 2018

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LOCATION:  Shell International | Shell Centre | 2 York Road | London, SE1 7NA

Technology has always played a major role in the way work gets done in organizations. As we enter the so-called second machine age, however, the options are increasing at an exponential rate and rapidly entering new domains (e.g., universal connectivity, artificial intelligence, etc.) that are to say the least challenging.  Faced with a profusion of possibilities, organizations constantly have to make difficult decisions about which of the many alternatives most likely will and will not have staying power.  Leaders at all levels then must figure out how the adopted technologies will impact not only their day-to-day operations, but also the nature, performance, and well-being of their workforces

This CAHRS Working Group will focus on a variety of issues related to the impact of emerging technologies on the future of work. Among them:
  • Which of the many new technologies are already being widely adopted and even more important, appear to be next in line for future wide-scale acceptance?
  • How do organizations decide where to place their bets when it comes to the adoption of new technologies?
  • In what ways is the emergence of new technologies impacting the way work is done in organizations?  What changes are coming down the road?
  • What occupations and jobs are likely to increase or decrease in importance as newer technologies are integrated into everyday work?
  • In what ways will emerging technologies impact broad-scale management practices, and as a result key HR activities (e.g., Recruitment, Talent Management, Employee Development, Employee Engagement, etc) in the years ahead?

In preparation for the meeting, please spend some time reflecting on your own personal experiences in these areas. During the meeting, we will spend time discussing not only these topics, but also others that are identified through the course of our conversations.
The sessions are free of charge to CAHRS partner firms. To effectively create the right environment and to ensure free and open discussion, we limit the size of the meeting to 25 participants.  The Working Group will start with a continental breakfast from 8:30-9:00am and then will run until 3:00pm with a working lunch.

Cornell Discussion Leader:
Chris Collins is Associate Professor of Human Resource Studies  at the Cornell ILR School.

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