Pay Equity Working Group | Hosted by American Express | April 19, 2018 | New York, NY

Thursday | April 19, 2018

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LOCATION:  American Express Tower | 200 Vesey Street | New York, NY  10285

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Given recent changes in local legislation, attention in the press, pressure and attention on the topic from Boards and investors, and discussions at the Federal level, pay equity is one of the hottest topics in compensation.  Many companies have been rethinking many aspects of pay equity from how to measure and assess, to how they have defined pay equity, to how they communicate pay equity internally and externally. 

This working group session is primarily for Compensation and Rewards thought leaders to discuss the current landscape, challenges and best practices for organizations to achieve a sustainable pay equity framework. Participants may also include those who have leadership responsibility for Pay Equity, and / or Legal & Diversity initiatives; outside of Compensation / Rewards function.

Key Questions that we will look to discuss during the working group session include:

  • How does your organization define pay equity and what aspects of pay are you including in your definition? 
  • What is your approach or methodology for assessing Pay Equity? Included in this question could be thoughts on how to assess, scope of assessment, and what to do if you find gaps in pay equity. 
  • How are you communicating your process/approach and findings internally with employees, with the Board and shareholders, to outside constituents, etc.?
  • What is your current practice in regards to asking for current compensation?  Have you kept this localized to markets that require this or has it spread more universally?
  • What approach are you taking or planning to stay ahead of the evolving land scape in the US and across various international markets?
  • What approach are you taking (or planning on take) to sustain Pay Equity?  This may include your long-term vision, broad initiatives to create and sustain pay equity, and ways to measure and create accountability. 

In preparation for the meeting, please spend some time reflecting on your own personal experiences in the above areas. During the meeting, well spend time talking about each of the areas as well as others that are identified through the course of our conversations together. As with all of our working groups, the design of this session is an open discussion on these topics and other questions of interest moderated by Cornell Faculty experts.

This working group will run from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM with a continental breakfast and working lunch.  The session is free of charge to CAHRS partner firms.

Cornell Discussion Leader:
Chris Collins is Professor of Human Resource Studies and Director of the Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies (CAHRS) at the Cornell ILR School.

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W New York Downtown | 123 Washington Street | New York, NY | 646-825-8600
New York Marriott Downtown | 85 West Street | New York, NY | 800-228-9290
Conrad New York | 102 North End Avenue | New York, NY | 212-945-0100
Millenium Hilton | 55 Church Street | New York, NY |  212-693-2001
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