Sustainable Innovation; HR's Unique Role in Sparking and Sustaining Innovation in R&D Webcast | March 19, 2018 | Ithaca, NY

Monday | March 19, 2018

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Behind every breakthrough there is a human story of creativity, resilience, brilliance and passion.  Have you ever wondered why some organizations seem to continually innovate and bring forward new ideas and others dont?  Do you want to know the unique role that HR plays in sustaining innovation in R&D?  At CAHRS we have assembled some of the most senior HR leaders in industries ranging from technology in silicon valley to biopharma to understand the unique nature of innovation in R&D and the critical role HR plays.

In this webcast Diane Burton, Professor, Human Resource Studies and Simon King, Head of Global Talent for Bristol Myers Squibb will cover the unique features of R&D organizations and how to create a culture that sustains innovation.  Hear about best practices from leading companies on creating a purpose driven culture, innovating R&D operating models, the critical role of leadership, the next generation approach to performance development, innovating hiring practices and the unique role that HR has played.