Future of Work: Implications for the HR Function of the Future Working Group | Hosted by General Electric | May 16, 2018 | Shanghai, China (Wait List Started)

Wednesday | May 16, 2018

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LOCATION:  GE CTC Campus | Winter Room, 3rd Floor of Core Building, No. 1800 Cailun Road | Shanghai, China

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Managing the workforce and workplace of the future will be increasingly challenging in a world thats being turned upside down by technology, globalization, demographics, and environmental challenges. Projections suggest that work will continue to be more distributed, fast-changing, and team-based.  In addition, organization boundaries will blur with more work being completed by partners and contractors, while employees will likely be less actively engaged and committed to their current employers. The changing nature of work has enormous implications for how we structure organizations, manage people, and design workplaces. In this working group, we will begin to explore how CAHRS partner companies see their world of work changing, identify underlying people and HR challenges, and discuss how companies are starting to think about how to restructure the HR function and HR delivery to help meet these challenges. 

Among other topics at this meeting, we will discuss the topics below but also leave plenty of time for other topics to emerge over the course of the day. 

  • How your organizations are anticipating work will look different in the next 5 years given the increasing pace of technology innovations (e.g., smart algorithms; robotics, artificial intelligence).  For example, what will be the impact on which jobs will remain and which will go away, how employees work together, the look and feel of the workplace, the nature of the employment relationship, and employee and leader capabilities?
  • Given the changes in work and increase of technology, what are the implications for different areas of HR?  For example, how will technology disrupt staffing, learning, or performance management?  How might HR policies and practices need to change if the workforce is more distributed or more work is completed by partners, contractors, or gig-economy workers?
  • How to manage and create the right environment for the latest generation of workers as this group of young talent works differently, different demands or wants from their employment relationship, how they may engage differently, etc.;
  • In the context of running truly global corporations that need to pivot more frequently and quickly in the face of constant disruptive change, how are you thinking about creating different kinds of leaders and reshaping your organizational culture? 
  • What new skills and capabilities do we need to create in our HR leaders to help us navigate all of these transitions?

With that background, we are pleased to invite your company to participate in this working group titled The Future of Work: Implications for the HR Function of the Future. The meeting agenda will allow for ample time for interaction and networkingsomething we consider critical to the goal of our working groups.

The sessions are free of charge to CAHRS partner firms. To effectively create the right environment and to ensure free and open discussion, we limit the size of the meeting to 25 participants. The best fit for the meeting would be members of the HR team who have been helping to explore these issues or work on HR practice or structural solutions tied to how work is changing at your organization. The Working Group will start with a continental breakfast from 8:30-9:00am and then will run until 3:00pm with a working lunch.

Cornell Discussion Leaders:
Chris Collins, Associate Professor of Human Resources and Director of CAHRS, ILR School, Cornell University

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Parkyard Hotel, No. 699 Bibo Road, Shanghai
Tel:  021-61621160
Distance:  5 minutes' drive to GE CTC campus

DoubleTree by Hilton Shanghai, No. 889 South Yanggao Road, Shanghai
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