HR Service Delivery through HR Operations/Shared Services Groups Working Group | Hosted by Aon Corporation | November 9, 2017 | Chicago, IL

Thursday | November 09, 2017

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LOCATION:  Aon Center | 200 E. Randolph Street | Chicago, IL  60601

Many of our CAHRS partners are transforming their HR operating model and a key part of this is how HR services are delivered to your organization through HR Shared Services or HR Operations groups.  No matter where you are in your evolution, this working group should benefit you as we will discuss current and emerging practices.  Attendees should be HR leaders with HR Operations or HR Shared Services leadership or those leading HR transformation for their organizations.

Some of the issues we will explore include:
  • Current HR Service Delivery models and opportunities to evolve them in the future
  • Utilization of Global Business Services model (including enterprise wide functions)
  • Technology and its impact on HRSS (i.e. machine learning, ERP solutions, etc.)
  • HR Operations:  what’s insourced/outsourced, new ways to deliver value
In preparation for the meeting, please spend some time reflecting on your own personal experiences in the above areas. During the meeting, we will spend time talking about each of the areas as well as others that are identified through the course of our conversations together.

Also, we welcome your input. If there are other specific issues you would like to discuss, please send them prior to the session to Beth Flynn-Ferry or Jo Hagin. We and our host, Aon, look forward to seeing you in Chicago.

This working group will run from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM with a continental breakfast and working lunch. The session is free of charge to CAHRS partner firms, but participation is limited to no more than twenty-five attendees.

Cornell Discussion Leader:
Beth Flynn-Ferry is the Managing Director for the Cornell Center for Advanced HR Studies (CAHRS), ILR School, Cornell University

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