On-Demand Talent: Where are We and Where are We Headed Working Group | Cornell University, ILR School - NYC Conference Center | October 19, 2017 | New York, NY

Thursday | October 19, 2017

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LOCATION:  Cornell University, ILR School | NYC Conference Center | 16 East 34th Street, 6th Floor | New York, NY  10016-4228

Many companies are increasing their reliance on on-demand talent (i.e., highly skilled consultants and contractors) to accomplish vital tasks while enhancing organizational agility. Traditionally, responsibility for sourcing, selecting, and deploying this talent has been distributed across many functions (human resources,procurement, finance, etc.), as well as to line managers.  All too often this has resulted in a lack of systematic planning, coordination, and control and, thus, a less than optimal utilization of this potentially valuable resource.  Not surprisingly, then, a growing number of companies recently have made – or currently are making – concerted efforts to rectify this situation, often with the eventual aim of treating all types of talent –employees and non-employees – as interchangeable resources in their total talent strategies.  Research suggests that companies are in various stages of this journey; some are simply trying to get a handle on the magnitude of the challenge while others are attempting to synchronize their processes and procedures and still others are – or are thinking about – completely revamping their staffing operations.  The purpose of this Working Group is to foster these efforts by bringing together those who are responsible for leading them both to share what has been learned so far and to explore where we go from here.

Potential issues for discussion by the group include:

  • How does your firm define on-demand talent?  Who is in? And who is out?
  • To what extent does your company rely on on-demand talent?  Why?
  • What is the ultimate goal with respect to the utilization of on-demand talent? What are the major steps involved in reaching this goal?
  • What is your approach to moving ahead in this domain?  How have you approached getting the many interested parties involved and on the same page going forward?
  • What major challenges have been encountered thus far?  What actions have been successful in meeting these challenges? What things haven’t worked so well?
  • What is HR’s role here?  What role did the function play in initiating the change? What role will it play once the new approach is in place?  Who else will be involved?
  • Other important issues that emerge during the discussion.

Consistent with our usual practice, this Working Group will be an open discussion focused on these and related topics.  It will run from 8:30amto 3:30pm with a continental breakfast and a working lunch provided.  The session is free of charge for CAHRS partner firms, although to facilitate the discussion enrollment is limited to 25 attendees.

Discussion Leaders:
Chris Collins, Associate Professor of Human Resource Studies and Director of CAHRS, ILR School, Cornell University
Lee Dyer, Professor Emeritus and Research Partner CAHRS, ILR School, Cornell University

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