Executive Education

Strategic HR Executive Education
Insight at the Intersection of Business Strategy & Human Capital

Cornell ILR Executive Education translates research by our world-class faculty into HR development programs designed to advance the function and help build the HR talent pipeline. Our programs focus on the critical intersection of business strategy and human capital to solve challenging organizational issues, and drive business performance.

The ILR School, with its collection of the world’s foremost scholars in workplace and organizational issues, is uniquely positioned to provide a laser focus on your most challenging organizational issues. That focus means the unique ability to call upon any and all faculty to provide empirically based content for our executive audiences. At the ILR School, we call what we do advancing the world of work.

We are pleased to offer CAHRS corporate partners a 10% discount on fees for customized human resource development programs, learning consortiums, or open-enrollment courses. Visit our website to learn more, or contact us with a specific request.